Weaving Cultural Stories

Everyone has a story and these stories serve many purposes. Through the hearing and telling of stories, the storyteller has the power to change narratives and the opportunity to create meaningful deep connections with the listener and the community in which they live. Storytelling is the oldest form of education and a key method for passing on knowledge to the youngest people. These stories have helped our oldest people to preserve memories, to help us make sense of their world and their stories have connected us with our past, present and have guided us into the future. Our Oldest People have taught us how to stay safe within our communities as we listened to the rules and obligations being passed onto us through their stories. These stories tell us about our ancestors, what they were like, who and what they loved. The stories told us about many characters and they fill us with a sense of belonging to the spaces and places that the stories came from. Join our session as we explore how we can weave cultural stories with the future old people that we work with today. 

This session includes:

  • Informing your practice - Weaving Cultural Stories handout
  • Informing your Practice Reflection Pages

$79.95 AUD

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