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Jackie Bennett is the Director and Cultural Consultant of her business, Connecting 2 Culture. This is a cultural consultancy service which is provided to Early Childhood Services, Schools, Government and Not for Profit Organisations that would like to improve or build on the services that they provide to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families coming into their programs.

Ranu James has been an educator for over 30 years, 19 of those years working with children, families and educators in remote Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory. Ranu's work has included music and preschool teaching, managing teams, licensing and regulating Childcare Services, TAFE teaching, Early Childhood Consultancy, inclusion support and resource development. Ranu has spent many years providing support, mentoring, teaching and guidance to her clients and staff.

Cecelia See Kee is a leading multicultural trainer, communicator, and champion for Torres Strait Islander education and inclusion in the Community Services Sector. Cecelia is the founder of Cultural Inclusions, providing authentic and unique Torres Strait Islander Resouces, Professional Learning and Educational Supports for the Sector.

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