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Keys to Cultural Inclusion


A cultural capability training program will support and guide Queensland kindergartens. The program is designed to strengthen educators' confidence in providing culturally safe and welcoming environments. The facilitators will guide you through 6 important key areas to ensure that your engagement is done respectfully and meaningfully.

Key 1. Knowledge: In this session, we will unpack knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Principles and practices embedded in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, National Quality Framework, Early Years Learning Framework, My Place, Our Time, Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines and Foundations for Success.

Key 2. Engagement: In this session, we will discuss genuine engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to ensure authentic, culturally relevant, and respectful program delivery, including play and learning environments.

Key 3. Innovative Partnerships: In this session, we will unpack the implementation of Innovative Partnership models that strengthen the quality of collaboration across the local community.

Key 4. Sustainability: In this session, we will unpack the implementation of sustainable cultural practices that embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives into the cycle of teacher decision-making and quality improvement processes, specifically program planning across all areas of learning and development.

Key 5. Development: In this session, we will unpack professional accountability for Directors/Nominated Supervisors, Educational Leaders and educators to enable them to lead their team's development of cultural capability and advocate for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives in the ECEC program and service delivery.

Key 6. Reconciliation: In this session, we will unpack the Organisational shifts, personal responsibility and reflections to ensure culturally rich and authentic learning environments are provided for all children and to enable culturally responsive learning and teaching, to support National Reconciliation, as outlined in the recommendations of 2021 State of Reconciliation in Australia Report - Moving from Safe to Brave.

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