Face-to-Face Opportunities

Join us live at a face-to-face event, conference, study tour or workshop.  Our face-to-face sessions will give you information and ideas to embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives into your everyday practice. This will assist you to work effectively with Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and culturally diverse children, families and communities in any sector.

Conference and Study Tours: The best way to learn and experience culture is by being on country and in the community! Our conference and study tour packages provide an opportunity to be embedded in culture while learning about culture and practical ways that you can embed  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives into your environments. Local community Elders and Cultural Experts are drawn on directly from community to support and present at our conferences and study tours.   

Workshops: We offer face to face workshops on various topics throughout the year. Watch this space to see when a face to face workshop is coming to your town!

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