Embedding Cultural Practice


We have 4 Masterclasses to choose from:

  1. Building your own Reconciliation Action Plan
  2. Programming Significant Dates & Celebration Activities
  3. Collaboration & Building Real Relationships
  4. Worldview, Wellbeing, the Cultural Iceberg & Weaving the links together

These Masterclasses have been designed to cover the 4 areas that educators constantly ask us about.  These sessions will give you ideas, resources and tools to walk away and do. 

These sessions are for everyone including Educators, Teachers, Health Care and Community Service Professionals - or anyone wanting to develop or update their organisations Reconciliation Action Plan.

Yes, our team will travel to you! 

Jackie, Cecelia and Ranu are located in Weipa, Cairns and Sunshine Coast.  We are very happy to travel and deliver packages to your service no matter where you are located. 

Travel costs will be included in your invoice and will be at the current market rates which will include: Petrol, Airfares, Accommodation, Hire Car, Travel incidentals (including parking/tolls/fuel costs/Cab fares/additional luggage), Travel Allowance

Costs will vary depending on where your service is located, the time the visit is required and current market rates for travel components. In some cases, services may like to link up with other services within their community to share these costs.  Please contact us for further information.

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Masterclass Recordings

These Masterclasses have been designed from feedback from Educators about the areas that they find the most challenging. These are our first 4 recorded Masterclasses from Semester 1 2022 and Semester 2 2022.

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Masterclass 1

Building Your Own Reconciliation Plan

No matter where your service is up to on your Reconciliation Action Plan journey this Masterclass is for you. Cecelia, Ranu and Jackie will walk alongside you no matter where you are on the journey, and will provide you with their specially developed Reconciliation Action Plan Journal to make your job easier. We will give you strategies to bring your staff along with you and ideas about how you can involve your children, families and community in the development of your Reconciliation Action Plan

LEVEL 1 - Let's talk about Reconciliation & WHY you need a RAP

LEVEL 2 - Pulling your RAP together as a collective

LEVEL 3 - Keeping your RAP alive in everyday practice

Masterclass 2

Programming Significant Dates and Celebration Activities

Do you want to make sense of the yearly Culturally Significant Dates and what they mean? What about finding ways to celebrate them in a meaningful and cultural appropriate way? Do you need strategies to bring your staff along with you and ideas about how you can involve your children, families and community? This Masterclass session 2 is for you! 

Jackie, Cecelia and Ranu through professional conversations will guide you and your services through the maze of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and some other Culturally significant dates and talk you through how you can plan to celebrate them in authentic, non-tokenistic ways.

LEVEL 1 - Significant dates & WHAT they mean from an Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Perspectives

LEVEL 2 - Professional Conversations about the National Reconciliation Week including resources

LEVEL 3 - How to celebrate & embed the significant dates stress free

Masterclass 3

Collaboration and Building Real Relationships

We are often asked the question ... “How do we engage with community to get them to come work with us?”  In this Masterclass 3 session Jackie, Cecelia and Ranu will cover all the areas that you need to be aware of when engaging with our Old People, community and families so you can collaborate and build real relationships. Our final session will include people from community sharing their stories and we will invite you to engage with them and bring your questions to ask in the safe cultural space that we have create for you.

Level 1 - Let's talk collaboration

Level 2 -  Building real relationships with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples

Level 3 - Building a sense of being, Belonging & Becoming through a cultural lens

Masterclass 4

Worldview, Wellbeing, The Cultural Iceberg and Weaving the Links Together

These Masterclass 4 sessions explore World view, Wellbeing, the cultural iceberg and how they can deepen our awareness of a person and their culture.  Understanding these 3 elements goes a long way towards increasing your cultural proficiency and literacy and your ability to work in a culturally inclusive manner.

Level 1 - Weaving our understanding of World View

Level 2 - Weaving our understanding of how wellbeing connects to Culture

Level 3 - Weaving our understanding the cultural iceberg

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